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Seen about town: Dudes

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

There is not much to say about dudes except that they are.

Review: Goody Spin Pin

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Innovation is rare.  It’s a common descriptor, but normally hyperbole.  So when something actually innovative comes along it’s rather a joy.   We were at a hotel on the coast and I see a commercial (we don’t have cable, so I only see commercials when we travel) for this thing called the “spin pin” that was said to do the work of twenty bobby pins.  It’s not a clip, it’s not a comb, nor is it like any regular hairpin I’ve seen.  It totally looks like science.

I mean, seriously.  So, I figured it might be worth trying out.  Bravo to Goody, by the way, for having a commercial that actually intrigues the consumer about a product.  It must be awful to think of hair product commercials, since the ‘90s were full of seen-on-TV devices that stuttered into oblivion (anyone remember the Topsy Tail?).

The problem is, the damn thing was so new I couldn’t find it at my local and had to go into the city to get it.  At about $6 for a set of two, it was a splurge.  But I am all about science.  And the temptation was strong to find a hair device that doesn’t snag, pull at or get lost in my easily mattable mane.

Guys. It works.  I’ve been wearing ‘em endlessly, the days are getting warmer and I want my hair up—and I can now do it without the half-dozen pins and hair ties normally necessary.  I’ve been showing them around the office and the keys to using the spin pin seem to be these:

  • Your hair has to be long enough to make at least a small bun.
  • Thick, heavy or slippery hair will need to use both pins.
  • It helps a lot if you can make a bun or French twist without thinking about it.

Using the Rapunzel-like hair of Chase, I’ll show you how it works. (more…)