Who, what?

Up front, like, full disclosure.  I work for Sock Dreams and absolutely love it.  When I put together outfits in my head I tend to spend all my time thinking about the legs and things (shoes! skirt?) that I forget ladies are expected to wear some kind of top when out and about.  If I link to legwear, it will be there first.  Because we are awesome.  To carry on—

I am not someone you’d look at on the street and be like “Shit, that is so a dame the Satorialist would shoot!”  Not most of the time, anyhow.  But I spend four hours of my day commuting via public transit, and I look at people a lot.  I am fascinated by humanity’s love of personal adornment and their solutions to putting layers between themselves and the elements.

Terrible confession: I am totally het for the white-ranging, chunky knit, apocalyptic style of the folks at the oil refinery in The Road Warrior.  I am also one of those weirdos who loves Gaultier, because I like how he thinks.

So, with all that, can you still love me?  Would it help if I was magic?