Long time, no post.

Over at my regular blog I’m focus-monthing and November is cleaning shit out.  This includes old bookmarks.  I had a folder full of links for a post (now terribly out of date) regarding the “nude” nail and shoe trend and how shitty it was that “nude” meant “beige.”  So I found a bunch of great nail colours that would be skin-tones for various awesome ladies, bookmarked them about a million years ago and forgot about it as I got to busy to fashion-blog.  But! Since I want to clear out my bookmarks, you get an out-dated post. Woo! But I like the idea still.  Let’s just jump in.

Grace Jones. Revlon’s uncomfortably named “Hot for Chocolate” and the J. Renee Delisa in T. Moro.

Milla Jovovich.  Zoya’s “Tasha” and the Enzo Angiolini Studded in Light Pink Leather.

Rosario Dawson. Essie’s “Very Structured” and the LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Zabrina in Polo Tan Kidskin.

Christina Ricci. Sally Hansen’s “Sheer Me Now” and the Baby Phat Chance in Taupe Patent.

There. Those bookmarks have been put to use.

Maybe soon I’ll get back into this.

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