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Feet are deformed hands, anyway

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

I was stuck at home sick, missing over half a day of work, which I’m crazy guilty about.  So, here is a work-related fluff piece about arm and leg warmers.  Which—PS—are not just an “80’s thing” but a snappy and smart way to layer during the unpredictable weather of fall and spring.

It’s been interesting watching how the fashion world is dealing with the shifts in economy and social opinion.  Last year we saw an increase of focus on legwear (to my delight), this year I am noticing more and more attention paid to nails.  It’s these little, changeable things that can bulk out a wardrobe without shattering a budget.  Or, if you couldn’t give two shits about your seasonal attire, they’re things that extend your clothing’s ability to cover you in weather.  Fun to play with and cheap enough not to prevent you from playing.

Back to the subject at hand/foot: arm and leg warmers are one of those things.  Not quite legwear, equally hated and loved and surprisingly interchangeable.  Like, really surprisingly.

At work we’re often reminding people that leg warmers, being simple tubes, can go on the arms as well.  This is great for the monkey-armed (like me) and for those days when it is 45º in the morning and 94º at the height of the day.

Cronert Honeycomb AW or LW

They’re long enough that the look is more layered, so you don’t invoke the wrath of folks who roll eyes at the pairing of t-shirt and arm warmers.

But the point of this exercise, really, is to show the fab idea my boss has been rocking, which is arm warmers as toeless tabi leg warmers.  It probably breaks like, so many laws.  I see so many people shivering sockless in flats and sandals no matter the weather that I feel it is for the greater good (and the greater good’s amusement) that I give an example.

Harajuku Vitamin AW

It all comes back to the same thing I am always saying.  Play, experiment.  It’s just clothes.

Work it

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

With Labor Day fully come and gone and the various Fashion Weeks looming like the ghost of decades past, there is one old saw everyone can parrot: Don’t wear white (alternately, white shoes) after Labor day.  It’s a lie, like any hard and fast fashion rule—but it has totally got to be even more of a lie right now.  Three reasons:

  1. With the advent of, like, washing technology, you don’t need dark colours in the winter to cover mud stains and city soot.
  2. Neons are (still) hot stuff and white pops ’em like crazy town.
  3. Miami Vice

So, you are all like, “Wait a damn minute on the third point there” and people who know me are shaking their heads.  However, I can back that shit up and the whole point of this anyway is to talk a little about Miami Vice under the cover of Labor day and whites.

I'm still looking for a decent blazer.

Despite the candles I’ve lit and wishes I’ve made, the influences of the 80’s and 90’s are still with us.  Yes, those familiar pastels (and may I note that Miami Vice wasn’t all pastel, there were just no earth tones), though but one facet of those wild and crazy times, are still a legit chunk of our social genetic memory.  Therefore: applicable.

There is, of course, a level of personal joy in thinking of those jewel tones and beach dress whites glowing a little bit of Florida sun through the inevitable grey and rain of fall.

Sniggering is inevitable when discussing Miami Vice, though the sea change in fashion it brought still resounds today—


Yes.  Even after the first Monday in September.