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In which I hope some links thrown at you distracts from my absence

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

I know, I know. I’ve been gone for simply ages. I’m well past the point where I could just stick up a post as if I hadn’t been gone. So I have to acknowledge it. After that last bit I was going to do a thing about I was going to link to this then, even and how they’re totally invading the runway. But then a thing came up, and another thing, and then a big thing and everything fell by the wayside. But my RSS started filling up last week with the runway again and I’m feeling the guilt and suddenly remembering that yes, I have been neglectful. All I can offer you in recompense are some of the more ridiculous socks I’ve ever worn.

100 Inch Super Ruched Socks: seriously long

Why would someone want 100 inches of sock?  There are quite a few people.   I have my theories, one terrible and one comprehensible (in theory).  There are people who want 200 inches of sock and at least one person who wants 400 inches.  Humans, amirite?