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Hot and bothered

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

We all have different tastes.  This is awesome, it’s one of those boss aspects of humanity.  So I find it interesting to compare the different opinions floating about, with NSFW links, natch.  Take the campaign for Wode perfume.


The reaction at Coilhouse, in October of 2008, where I first heard about it:

Perhaps half-dreaming before my daily dose of caffeine, I was whisked away to another time, where countless mermaids were enslaved and sacrificed for a wicked queen. Something of a Countess Bathory, she soaked in their cobalt tears to gain a mystical quality that made her irresistible in every way. With each bath, her skin would glow an opalescent blue, her voice would hypnotize and her eyes would leave you breathless. Alas, the magical effects of the tear potion were short lived and the slaughtering of mermaids went on until none remained on Earth.

The reaction at Jezebel, January 2009:

We thought we’d found the most offensive ad in the world. But the new WODE perfume (which, inexplicably, turns skin blue) gives it a definite run for its money. Slashing women’s throats? Hott.

During that week, it regularly came across my GReader from various friends’ shared items.

It often seems that especially in fashion photography is one person’s trigger another’s turn-on.  Whether as possibly calculated programmes to gain attention or just because they seem to be wired that way, photographers pushing definitions (of taste, boundaries, etc.) is something that turns up a lot, especially regarding dominance/submission.  With what can feel like a cold war going on, it’s nice to see self-aware reflections, even about pretty blatant stuff, like Klein’s work for French Vogue:


From Tatiana the Anonymous Model, on Jezebel:

This is like a nightmare, come to life inside a magazine, and it’s some of the most moving work I’ve seen from Klein in years. I’m transfixed and appalled and exhilarated and exquisitely, perfectly disturbed, all at once. Like any art form, I suppose it’s not the role of fashion to make anyone comfortable. Luckily it’s almost the end of the day; I need a drink after all that.

I’m sure lots of people do, for a rainbow of reasons.